5 Foodie Facts about Gastown

Written by Cecilia Ryan – Vancouver Foodie Tours


Gastown is Vancouver’s #1 Foodie neighbourhood and is the hub for new and exciting restaurants.
Photo Credit: Josh Boettcher

When people think of Gastown, they think of the cobbled streets, the famed steam clock, the Victorian architecture, the fascinating history and … the food! Gastown is Vancouver’s #1 Foodie neighbourhood and is the hub for new and exciting restaurants. Whether you’re looking for specialty coffee, cocktails, bistros, Neapolitan Pizza – Gastown has it all. Here are the 5 foodie facts about Gastown for you to digest:

1. One of the longest Happy Hours in the city

From 11:30 am – 6:00 pm, Six Acres has happy hour specials! Standing at the site of the original birthplace of Gastown, Six Acres follows in Gassy Jack’s tradition: provide a space for people to eat and drink together. The atmospheric charm could easily sway you into staying for six and a half hours!
Six acres can be found at 203 Carrall St. 

2. Hi-Five Grilled Cheese Window 

This 100 square-foot space opens late night to offer grilled cheese sandwiches to-die-for. With a short menu but long lines, don’t miss this delicious hole-in-the-wall. Try the ‘Yes Ma’am’ for mac ‘n’ cheese between bread…
Hi-Five is tucked away at 30 E Cordova St. 

3. Save on Meats tokens

Not only does Save on Meats provide delicious diner food, it also has a fantastic token program. You can buy tokens which can be redeemable for food and share these with some of Gastown’s residents who are in need. Save on Meats sandwiches are too good not to share!
Save on Meats at 43 W Hastings St 

4. A champagne and dessert bar, hidden in plain sight 

Mosquito opened it’s doors in 2015 and serves incredible desserts along with champagne cocktails. Tucked into a dimly lit space on Water St, Mosquito sits in the heart of Gastown and yet feels like your own private world. Start or finish the night on a sweet note.
Mosquito is found at 32 Water St. 

5. Dirty Apron cooking school and delicatessen

Gastown is home to Dirty Apron which offers renowned cooking classes and also an exciting array of artisan products and lunch time treats in their delicatessen. For the foodies who love to cook or “the toast burners” – Dirty Apron is a popular choice.
Dirty Apron at 540 Beatty St



10 GIFs Of Cupcakes Explaining Some of Life’s Feelings

On February 27, 2017, Landsea Tours & Adventures is participating in the SPCA National Cupcake Day. We will be making cupcakes for people by donation and all proceeds will go to the SPCA. So in preparation of National Cupcake Day, we’ve compiled this list of 10 GIFs explaining some of life’s feelings.


1. When you are frustrated that your cupcakes didn’t turn out. 


2. When you’re in awe of how pretty it is when it starts to snow outside.

giphy (1)


3. When life keeps going in circles and doesn’t stop.

giphy (2)

4. When you are able to enjoy the little things in life.

giphy (3)

5. When you check the last thing off your to do list.

giphy (4)

6. When something turns out perfectly.

giphy (5)


7. When you fill in the missing pieces.

giphy (6)

8. When you have something to celebrate.

giphy (10)


9. When you are ready to go out dancing.

giphy (9)

10. When you’ve had too much sugar from all those cupcakes.

giphy (11)

Top 10 Haunted Places in Vancouver


Halloween is fast approaching. It kind of snuck up on us, no? Are you ready? Do you have your plans set and your costume planned? If you are like me, you’ll wait until the last minute and find something from your closet to throw on. If costume parties aren’t for you, maybe you like to stay home and watch a scary movie or hand out candy to the neighbourhood kids. If none of the above suits you, maybe being spooked by your friendly or not-so-friendly ghost is right up your alley. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 haunted places in Vancouver, in no particular order. Brace yourself!

1. Deadman’s Island

Once a First Nations burial site and labelled as one of North America’s most haunted islands, Deadman’s Island had to make the list. The island is closed to the public, however, this didn’t stop the stories of strange phenomena. Some of the rumoured noises heard are footsteps walking back and forth and an apparent wail of a young woman.

2. Penthouse Nightclub

An installation in Vancouver’s night scene since the 1940’s, the Penthouse Nightclub is sure to have its fair share of scare stories. Celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald were once visitors to this previous hot spot.

The Penthouse’s resident ghost, who is a modestly dressed woman, is known to open and close windows after the doors are closed to scare the staff.

3. The Vogue Theatre

Located at the south end of the Granville Mall, the Vogue Theatre originally opened its doors in 1941. It shut down temporarily between 1988 and 1991 when it then opened has a landmark music venue in Vancouver.

The theatre has attracted a resident ghost said to be in his mid-thirties and dressed in a cream-coloured dinner jacket. He is known to play the drum kits at night and re-arrange stage props.

4. Sam Kee Building 

Situated on Pender Street, the Sam Kee Building owned by Jack Chow Insurance is renowned as the “narrowest commercial building in the world”. It was built in 1913 as a coffee house. The original building was much larger however the City of Vancouver decided to take some land to widen Pender Street. The owner of the building, Sam Kee, was left with a narrow strip of land and rebuilt his business on the remaining land.

There have been reports of ghosts ‘pushing’ people from behind when in the area of this building.

5. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Known has one of Vancouver’s luxury hotels, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver opened in 1939 for the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). This hotel is probably one of the better-known haunted landmarks in Vancouver with the Lady in Red.

The Lady in Red is a friendly ghost and is embraced by hotel staff and visitors. She was once a frequent guest of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, who’s real name is Jennie Pearl Cox. She was killed in a fatal car accident in the Stanley Park causeway in 1944 and has since taken residence in her favourite hotel.

It is said that she hovers in the hallways, rides the elevators, and steps out onto window ledges.

6. Waterfront Station

As one of Vancouver’s busiest transit hubs, it’s also one of Vancouver’s busiest ‘ghostly’ hubs. There are so many stories of apparitions and hauntings at the station as it’s known to be the most haunted landmark in Vancouver. Night security guards claim to have seen paranormal activity in the grand halls, including one woman from the 1920’s who dances by herself. Many guards and cleaning staff have claimed to hear music from the depression era, which doesn’t come from the sound system.

7. Vancouver Rowing Club

Before Stanley Park became Stanley Park, it was once the site of a Chinese burial ground around the late 1800’s. Years later, many of the dead were dug up and their bones shipped back to China. The bone collectors lived in small buildings where the Vancouver Rowing Club is now located. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that the staff of the current building has accounted for some spooky tales.

8. Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory is located at 53 Water Street in Vancouver’s historical Gastown area. Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood. It will be no surprise to hear ghost stories from the area.

There are a few ghosts at the Old Spaghetti Factory. One of the most famous ones is a train conductor who apparently died in an accident which happened underneath the current restaurant. Others believe the ghost came with the installation of the tram in the restaurant.

9. Hycroft Manor

Hycroft Manor is an early 20th-century mansion located in Shaughnessy owned by the University Women’s Club of Vancouver. There have been numerous reports of ghostly encounters over the years. In fact, there are seven resident ghosts who occupy the 20,000 square foot, 30-room mansion! Two of the ghosts are the original owners of Hycroft, Mr. and Mrs. McRae.

10. Orpheum Theatre

Located the next block up from the Vogue Theatre (see Number 3), the Orpheum Theatre is also an iconic theatre for artists to play and perform. Rumour has it that the men’s bathroom in the basement has the ghost of a former attendant haunting those who dare enter. The Main Hall apparently has seen the most activity with a woman who has been seen standing to applaud the acts that play at the Orpheum.

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