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Partnership With

the Wilson’s group of companies

In late 2018, Landsea announced its new partnership with Vancouver Island based, Wilson’s Group of Companies. This new venture will also see the exit of the original founder, Scott Mason, as he launches into retirement after 34 years of dedication to Landsea and the tourism industry. Landsea is pleased to welcome John Wilson of the Wilson’s Group of Companies as our new Co-owner. John joins longtime President and Co-owner, Kevin Pearce, as Kevin takes on a greater ownership role in the company. The long-recognized expertise and industry-specific knowledge provided by the new ownership is expected to drive expansion and create new synergies.

The announcement promises exciting changes for Landsea Tours but Co-owner, Kevin Pearce, is keen to stress that the company is maintaining a business as usual focus – delivering customer service that continues to exceed expectations. “I am extremely excited about working with John on a shared vision for Landsea Tours Ltd., which includes new service possibilities and collaborations for the betterment of all visitors to our region. Though this deal denotes a change for Landsea Tours Ltd., our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that make our brand so unique will not be compromised.”

Co-owner John Wilson brings with him over 35 years of experience in the ground transportation and tourism industry, however, has no plans on stepping in to make any changes. “I am excited to work with Kevin and his Leadership team who have worked very hard to make Landsea the fantastic company it is today with one of the best reputations in the tourism industry.”