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A Passion for Landsea – Vol. 2

We are releasing our second post in our series written from a member in the Guest Services department who’s been with Landsea Tours & Adventures for close to five years now.


My journey with Landsea Tours & Adventures started back in March of 2011. I was a student in the Bachelor of Tourism Management program at Capilano University when I first started hearing about Landsea. Kevin Pearce, the President of the company, is a graduate of the program as well and is still involved in various aspects with the university. The day I decided I wanted to work for the company was in 2009 when they were running the “Stuff the Bus” (charity) campaign and had a collection day at the school for second-hand clothing and blankets. I spent some time talking to and hanging out with Kevin, Travis (our Operations Manager), and, funny enough, two other girls that also worked and currently work for the company.

My next interaction with the company was when our class went on a trip to Tofino and Landsea provided our transportation. Our drivers included Kevin and three other tour guides who, throughout the whole trip, just fit in perfectly with the group. They interacted and hung out with us through all the various activities we had planned. They even came with us to watch the activities they weren’t able to participate in. Needless to say, both interactions were fun and positive, so Landsea was on my mind for a potential place to work.

Between semesters, I moved up to Whistler with some friends for about six months. When I came down to the city, I had odd jobs here and there while going to school. I was working at a small coffee shop in North Vancouver when a lady came up to order a coffee and we started talking about what she did for work and, as it turned out, she worked for Landsea at the time!

I decided this was finally the time to apply for a job with the company. I sent Kevin a message saying I was looking for a job and would love to work for his company, filled out an application and had my interview shortly thereafter. My first year definitely had its ups and downs. I faced many struggles that year, both professional and personal, but I was able to use all the experience I gained as a learning tool and came back my second year much stronger on both fronts. I was given a second chance and I wanted to use it to show that I was better. That I was capable of so much more than what I had given up to that point.

Over the next handful of months, I started becoming more involved in various aspects of the company. I started taking on small tasks that turned into bigger projects. I was challenged in new ways by being able to help out our management team with different tasks they needed to get done and was involved in a few decision-making processes. I was given more responsibilities each year ranging from helping our accounting department to training our Guest Services team. The list of opportunities goes on and on all because of our management team who believes that I can do more and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I have been given the opportunity to use what I’ve learned in school but I’ve also learned so much more. Lessons that school can never teach you. There is always room to grow.

I have many favourite moments as cliché as that may sound, such as pop-up BBQ’s to decorating the office for a holiday. Plus every little moment that can happen for whatever reason during the day. They all create memories that I will look back on and smile because I just can’t help it.

Then there is Landsea Cup Day that’s held every year. The day starts with majority of all staff going to the Tourism Awards breakfast, an event recognizing tourism workers who provided outstanding customer service throughout the year. This is followed by the main event such as a scavenger hunt with Sewell’s Marina or, like this past year, going curling at the Vancouver Curling Club followed by a round of competitive trivia!

There are many random events that can occur at our office that provide endless amounts of entertainment. You’d be hard pressed to experience a boring day. Our neighbours have a pet pig that is an escape artist and often comes down our way to feed on the grass and say hi! His name is Wilbur and we’ve unofficially adopted him as our office pet. We found out not too long ago that he has a new brother named Olaf!

Everyday life in the office can include being stressed one moment, excited another and relaxed the next. In the morning, while most tours are departing, can be sometimes quite stressful and this is where teamwork comes into play. Everyone plays his or her own role, but we all work towards the same goal. Whether it’s short-term such as getting a tour to depart on time or a long-term goal such as offering the best level of customer service we can.

When thinking of life in the office, words such as teamwork and initiative are the first to come to mind. Daily operations depend heavily on both being able to work efficiently as a team and effectively as an individual.