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BOOM! at the Britannia Mine Museum

BOOM! is the latest interactive exhibit at the Britannia Mine Museum that has been making quite a lot of noise in the news lately. This new show shares the history and stories behind the famous Mill No.3 and how it played a significant role during the mine’s operation. 

For a quick preview of the show, check out their trailer below:

As some of our Landsea Team recently had the chance to visit the Britannia Mine and experience the show first-hand, we wanted to share our review of this captivating presentation. 


The show is narrated with a recording of an enthusiastic young actor with witty puns, who literally brings the Mill alive. With an accompanying screen that displays educational graphs and historical photos, the audience is taken through the process of copper extraction that is engaging and suitable for all ages.

Special Effects

Sparks, moving parts, smells, grinding sounds, and steam are all elements that are a part of the show’s special effects. Their purpose is for the audience to truly experience the actual surroundings experienced by the miners. These effects are in sync with the narration and add an extra bit of flair to the storytelling. 


The show itself takes place inside Mill No.3, with a comfortable seating area for guests. As a setting, the Mill is an absolutely incredible piece of industrial architecture, brought back to life with BOOM! Simply walking through the doors will transport you back to the early twentieth century when the Mill was in full operations. 

Mine Tour

We suggest everyone experiences BOOM! as part of the complete tour offered at the museum. This includes a train ride into a former mine tunnel, seeing the different equipment used throughout the history of modern mining and discovering the harsh conditions faced by the workers. You then exit the tunnel and head to Mill No.3 where the copper extraction process took place and where BOOM! begins. We also recommend exploring the different galleries with various images and mining facts or try panning for gold. 


BOOM! is a spectacular addition that compliments the Museum’s already diverse presentation of BC’s mining history.  It connects with its audience while providing the perfect amount of information, leaving guests curious and ready to learn more on their own.

To learn more about the exhibit and about the Britannia Mine Museum, visit their website at

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All Photos and Videos Credited to The Britannia Mine Museum.