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Snow is coming! Excited for Winter?

If you’ve been paying attention to the media, Facebook, Twitter, or have been watching the Whistler snow cams, then you know there has been a recent dumping of snow on the top of the mountains in Whistler. This past week, Whistler saw 35cm of fresh snow with another 15cm falling over the past weekend. It’s not just Whistler either, even our local North Shore Mountains; Grouse, Seymour, and Cypress have seen snowflakes.

When you hear the forecast for fresh snow, what feelings do you get? Are you like a kid on Christmas morning that can’t wait to run out the door and hit the slopes? Or are you someone who thinks that it’s too good to be true and wait it out to see if the snow sticks around? Or are you one who thinks the snow is pretty, but you’re happier staying inside and keeping warm?

Personally, I am the latter and would rather sit by the fireplace with a hot chocolate and a book than venture outside into the freezing cold. Believe it or not though, I also don’t mind the snow. I still get that gleeful feeling when I look out the window and see fresh snow falling. My first instinct is to grab my phone and take several photos in order to find the perfect post for Instagram. Who doesn’t love a good #snowselfie?

If snapping photos isn’t your thing, there is always the option of starting up the first inaugural snowball fight of the year! I mean let’s not take anybody out, like Buddy the Elf here, but who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?



Though for a lot of people, when there’s word of a possible snowfall the legs start twitching, the skis and boards come out of the closet, and the season passes are purchased. With the early snowfall in Whistler, who doesn’t hear the mountains calling their name? Opening day is only three weeks away after all!

The whisperings of an El Nino winter have been touched on numerous times, but the recent snowfall on the mountains has people growing excited for a potentially great ski season. How are you getting yourself excited about hitting the slopes? I’ve included some helpful hints below to get you ready!

1) Keep an eye on the Whistler snow cams
Since I started writing this post, I’ve checked the Whistler snow report about half a dozen times. Is that a bit excessive? Maybe. How can you not, when it’s full of optimistic forecasts for snowfall and has a great video to get you pumped?!?



2) Find a reason to shop for some new gear
If you’re like me, you’ll find any reason to buy something new. What gives you a better reason to buy new gear than the early snowfall forecast? If you missed the Turkey Sale this past Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler, be sure not to miss it for next year! Over the weekend, tents are set up in the Blackcomb Daylodge selling ski and snowboard equipment at a huge discount! Make sure to have all the necessities including warm under layers, a waterproof jacket, and pants.

3) Research where to visit after the slopes
With the excitement of the ski season also comes the joyous occasion of après-ski. Try to hit up all of the local restaurants and bars before they become overly crowded and once opening day hits you’ll know the best times to go!

Fresh snowfall can bring on many feelings for people. Some can’t stand the thought of snow and run away to Mexico to order a mojito. Others, like myself, get their cameras ready and practice their snowball game, and of course, there are those who can’t wait to strap on skis or a board and hit the slopes!

For whoever you are, just know that winter comes and goes, so embrace it while it lasts and make a snow angel!







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