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Top 5 Spring Activities in Vancouver

The weather is warming up quickly this week in Vancouver with highs in the 20’s! It’s time to shed the winter coats and put on the sunglasses. Here is our list of the top five spring activities in Vancouver and where the best places are to enjoy them.

1. Tour the Cherry Blossom trees

Every corner you turn in Vancouver, you are bound to see trees blooming white and pink. Across the city, there are more than 40,000 cherry blossom trees. Here is a quick list of the top three locations in Vancouver where you can snap a photo of these beautiful trees.

  • West 22nd Avenue: Eight straight blocks on West 22nd avenue between Arbutus and Carnavon Street.
  • Burrard Station: If your commute involves passing by the Burrard Skytrain station, chances are you already know why this makes the top three. If you don’t, make sure to stop by and take a look!
  • West 16th Avenue: Drive along West 16th avenue between Maple and Granville Street.

2. Enjoy a picnic in the park

Make sure to take advantage of the warm weather by enjoying the outdoors with one of our top three picnic spots.

  • Stanley Park: There are a number of spots where you can find a patch of grass and enjoy a picnic in Stanley Park. Complement your meal with some really nice views.
  • Charleson Park: Located along False Creek across from Yaletown is Charleson Park. This is a great spot to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.
  • Crab Park: This one is more of a hidden gem than the other parks around the city and is located along the waterfront. Bring your picnic basket when a cruise ship is in town and soak up the views!

3. Go for a hike

Before the hot summer heat gets to some of us, spring is a perfect time to get active. One of the greatest things about living in Vancouver is how close we are to some amazing trails. Here is a list of our top three easy trails around Vancouver.

  • Lighthouse Park: This park is located in West Vancouver, a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. A system of easy walking trails winds from the parking lot to the rocky coastline, where you can get close to a century-old lighthouse.
  • Cypress Falls: This short 1.5 km trail starts in the Caulfield neighbourhood of West Vancouver. Shortly after beginning your walk, you will be greeted by waterfalls and big Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar trees. If you continue the hike further into the trees you will be rewarded with an even larger waterfall.
  • Lynn Loop: Also on the North Shore is the Lynn Loop Trail located in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Walk through the forest and enjoy the small lookout spots offering views of Vancouver Island, as well as walk alongside and hear the sounds of the creek.

4. Sit outside at a café

There are a lot of coffee-lovers in Vancouver and with the beautiful weather why not enjoy a cup of joe outside? Here is a small but great list of popular coffee shops that offer patios for you to enjoy.

  • Delany’s Coffee (West End): Located in the West End of downtown Vancouver on Denman Street, this coffee shop has limited outdoor seating. If you can’t sit outside then you can always sit by the window and watch the bustling street in front of you.
  • CaffĂ© Artigiano (Hornby Street): Grab a seat outside at an active location across the street from the Vancouver Art Gallery. You may have to wait in line to get a latte bit it’s worth the wait.
  • 49th Parallel (Mount Pleasant): 49th Parallel’s outdoor space is ample and charming. This coffee shop has rows of booths and plenty of space for you and your friends to sit outside. They also have a great selection of pastries to go along with your tea or coffee.

5. Go for a jog outside

Vancouver is a walkable city. It’s also very runnable when you consider the many places you can pound the pavement. With the sun starting to shine and break out from the clouds, it’s time to check out the top three running routes in Vancouver.

  • Stanley Park Seawall: There is no doubt that this running route is the most popular and scenic in downtown Vancouver. While getting your cardio workout, you will have spectacular views of downtown Vancouver, the North Shore, and passerby.
  • False Creek Loop: Not to be confused with the infamous seawall in Stanley Park this loop begins at English Bay and winds its way around False Creek. It passes the Plaza of Nations, Science World, and the Olympic Village, and ends at Granville Island.
  • Jericho Beach: Start off at Jericho Beach and run your way along the scenic path to Spanish Banks. You can end your run here and enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean or continue along into UBC.