10 GIFs Of Cupcakes Explaining Some of Life’s Feelings

On February 27, 2017, Landsea Tours & Adventures is participating in the SPCA National Cupcake Day. We will be making cupcakes for people by donation and all proceeds will go to the SPCA. So in preparation of National Cupcake Day, we’ve compiled this list of 10 GIFs explaining some of life’s feelings.


1. When you are frustrated that your cupcakes didn’t turn out. 


2. When you’re in awe of how pretty it is when it starts to snow outside.

giphy (1)


3. When life keeps going in circles and doesn’t stop.

giphy (2)

4. When you are able to enjoy the little things in life.

giphy (3)

5. When you check the last thing off your to do list.

giphy (4)

6. When something turns out perfectly.

giphy (5)


7. When you fill in the missing pieces.

giphy (6)

8. When you have something to celebrate.

giphy (10)


9. When you are ready to go out dancing.

giphy (9)

10. When you’ve had too much sugar from all those cupcakes.

giphy (11)

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