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Travel along BC’s most famous driving route – the Sea to Sky Highway – with our Sea to Sky Tour. This road borders a glacial fjord created millions of years ago by glaciers, earthquakes and mountain-building. As you travel along, BC’s history will come alive through stops at the Britannia Mine Museum, Shannon Falls and the Sea to Sky Gondola.

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Britannia Mine Museum

Once a mining operation, Britannia Beach is as rich in history as it was copper ore. Take a train into a former mine tunnel and learn all about the actual conditions faced by the miners. See Mill 3 come to life with BOOM and take a train ride into a real mine tunnel and play witness to the conditions faced by miners. At the Britannia Mine Museum, there’s truly something for everyone.

Shannon Falls

Situated 335 metres above the Sea to Sky Highway, the Shannon Falls holds the title of being BC’s third-highest waterfall. Learn the little known history of Shannon Falls Provincial Park (we’re not giving any hints) and make the short, light hike to watch the glacial water cascade down into the stream below.

Horseshoe Bay

This quaint seaside community is located about 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, right at the entrance to Howe Sound. Stretch your legs as you walk along the mini beachfront or enjoy a coffee, ice cream or snack while taking in the sights of this picturesque town.

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