Team Talks


Our team is what makes Landsea Tours & Adventures such an amazing company. So we are proud to introduce our newest section, Team Talks! Here you can enjoy weekly updates where we feature our team. Learn about the different positions and personalities of the people who work with us. We’ve included some fun facts about our team and featured their photos – in cartoon form! Check out this page every week to see who’s being showcased.



Shuttle/Chater Guide
Stuart is one of our best shuttle guides and helps ensure our
guests start their tour on time. He really enjoys the low-stress level
of the position and Landsea’s flexibility with vacation time.  If he
could visit any place in the world, then Stuart would head straight to
Belize. As a travel enthusiast, the slogan that best describes his
life would be ‘Never look back.’






Guest Services

Sophie started back in early 2018 and works in our
Guest Services department. She enjoys the friendly
atmosphere here at Landsea but also loves all of
our social events and the diversity of the staff. The one
item she would bring with her to a deserted island would be her
favourite book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
The best bit of advice that she’s ever been given is to spend
money on unique experiences, not material objects.




Guest Services
Travelling all the way from Germany to join our team,
Sven likes all his colleagues here at Landsea Tours and that
he gets to practice his English all day long. He has no need for
a time machine because he loves where he is right now in life.
Sven said if he was a talk show host, the first person he would
interview would be Felix Neureuther, the German skiing superstar.




Tour Guide/Tour Guide Instructor
One of our best tour guides, this past year Meghan was
promoted to assist with the driver’s training of all our
new hires. To her, Landsea is one big family that always has
each other’s backs. If she had a time machine, she would
go back in time to sit with her dad and watch infomercials while eating
crab. She would want to sit and chat about everything with him.
The greatest bit of advice she was ever given was, “Never have
any regrets, because what you did was what you
wanted at the time and led you to where you are today.”




Goodwill Ambassador
Brian’s favourite part of Landsea is all of the people he gets to work with, which is great since he is one of our Goodwill
Ambassadors. He helps maintain our external relationships with hotels and the Vancouver community. If time and money
were no object, he would be living in the Four Seasons Hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii. As a talk show host, Brian’s first guest would be Martha Stuart. Not only can she cook, but
she’s funny as well, and Brian wants to have lunch with her.



Digital Marketing Specialist
Brianna handles all of our social media as the Digital Marketing
Specialist. She loves that working at Landsea means she gets to
meet so many amazing people. Always looking for adventure, if
Brianna could go anywhere in the world she would take a road
trip around Iceland with her friends. She also loves travelling
by boat, so if she could have any superpower, she would
want to be able to breathe underwater.





Tour Guide

Hanson is a first-year tour guide with Landsea but already stands
out with his stylish cowboy hat. He likes that working with Landsea
means that he gets to showcase his hometown to travellers.
We asked Hanson if he were a talk show host, who would
his first guest be? He told us it would be Stephen Colbert so that
he could get tips on how to be a successful host (love it!).
We also asked him to come up with a slogan for his life,
and he replied with: “Life with imperfections is like a
signature dish with a bit of spice!




Guest Services
Theresa is a superstar in our Guest Services department and loves that
Landsea has a work environment filled with supportive team
members. The one sentence she would want to hear from her boss
would be them saying that, “We are installing an all-you-can-eat
ice cream machine in the kitchen.” Always the foodie, the slogan
that best describes her life would be, “No ramen, no life.”






Shop Manager
Dwight is our shop manager and has the important job of
making sure our buses are up and running! His favourite part
of working at Landsea is the teamwork he sees every day. If Dwight had
a time machine, he would go back in time to the day he was accepted
to art school and but never went, yet this time he would go! When we
asked what’s one thing he would like to hear from his boss, he told
us that the recognition for a job well done is enough for him.





Director of Sales and Marketing
Monica’s vast experience with marketing roles makes her the
perfect person to ensure the Landsea brand is always at its best.
She loves working with her colleagues and hearing stories from
our visitors. If she had a time machine, Monica would travel to the
last Saturday in the coming month in order to get the winning
lotto numbers and have time to prepare for being rich.
If she ever found herself stranded on a deserted island, the one
thing she would want to bring with her would be her husband.




Guest Services
James works in our Guest Services department and is proud
to be an ambassador of Landsea Tours & Adventures. He loves
helping make people’s adventures here in Vancouver great! If
James had a time machine he would go ten years in the future to see
how Landsea has grown and what his life as a Canadian Citizen
would be like. His preferred super power would be teleportation so he could zip anywhere instantly – like England, where his family lives.





Training Specialist, Digital Marketing,
& Charters Assistant

Lisa has done it all at Landsea Tours! Starting as a Tour Guide,
she’s been promoted to Team Lead, has worked in
Guest Services, and is currently the Training Specialist,
Marketing Assistant, and Charters Assistant. Lisa loves that
she gets to work with all the tour guides and their unique
personalities. If she were a talk show host, Lisa’s first guest
would be Ryan Gosling, because of his talent and the fact that
he is a flawlessly beautiful human being. However, if Lisa had a
time machine she’d travel back to Ancient Egypt.




Junior Accountant
Jesse is the junior account at Landsea, and previously
has taken on many volunteer positions within the community.
He likes that everyone makes him feel really welcome.
If he had any superpower imaginable he would want to be able
to Warp Reality so he could literally make all his dreams come true.
We also asked Jesse what’s one sentence he would like to hear
from his boss and he said that it would be “It’s fine, I’ll finish
the work for you.”




Tour Guide
Megan is a second-year guide at Landsea with
no limit to her enthusiasm, which is great because she
loves connecting with her guests as she shows off the
beauty of the West Coast. If she had a time machine,
Megan would go back to the very first Christmas (although
she wonders if that makes her a hipster to like Christmas before
it was cool). We also asked her if she happened to find herself
stranded on a desert island, what would be the one item she
would bring with her – she told us it would be bacon (yum!).



Senior Tour Guide
Brent is one of Landsea’s senior superstar
team members having started back in 2006.
His tours are constantly given five-star reviews
which makes sense since he loves creating
amazing experiences for his guests.
If he were a talk show host, his first guest would
be Martin Short, a comedian sure to make you laugh.
A lover of music, if time and money were no object, Brent would be busy recording songs and helping others.



Team Lead
Geena is Landsea’s newest Team Lead, which
means she helps with the coordination of all tours
and is there to support guides while they are on the road.
What she loves most about Landsea is that she gets to
interact with her amazing and hilarious colleagues.
With enough money and time, Geena says she would travel to
Outer Space and beyond! However, keeping things
more earthbound, she told us that if she could go
anywhere, she’d go to Alaska with her family and
Ryan Gosling (if Ryan goes then we wanna go too).



Guest Services
Martha works in Guest Services making sure all our
guests’ needs are met. She’s been with the company
since 2007 and likes that working at Landsea Tours
allows her to be able to directly help people plan their
vacations. If she could take one item with her to a deserted
island, she would take a photo album filled with her
favourite memories. Given the chance, she would visit
the Patagonia region of South American with her family.




Shuttle Guide
Sebastian is new to Landsea but is amazing at shuttling
our guests to where they need to be. He likes that every day
at Landsea has something different to offer and that he gets to
spend his time outdoors (best office ever as he says).
If he could travel back in time, he would visit the Pangaea
Era, when nature ruled the planet. He is also known for
his big heart because he told us if time and money
were no object he would be volunteering
abroad to help with a fundraising or aid relief cause.