Vancouver Delights Tour +Plus Option: FlyOver Canada

+Plus Option


30MIN Experience


Adult +$28 | Child +$17

Total price including Vancouver Delights Tour is $158/adult and $92/child until April 30, 2018. Tax Included. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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Experience all of what the Vancouver Delights Tour has to offer and more!

FlyOver Canada uses state-of-the-art technology to reveal some of Canada’s most awe-inspiring sights, as you have never seen them before. Fly high above Canada’s stunning landscape on a simulated flight ride near Vancouver’s harbour. This incredible journey of discovery will allow you to travel from coast to coast, covering more than 6,000 km – all of this while never leaving Vancouver!

Hang on to your seats, as you soar over snowcapped peaks and zoom across green valleys. Dip into deep valleys through which wild rivers rush. Feel the wind in your hair as you glide over grand prairies. Feel like you’re really there as the wind, mist, and woodsy aromas fill your senses! This 25-minute experience includes an 8-minute flight simulation, the longest in the world! You will hang suspended, your feet dangling, before a 20-metre spherical screen while the FlyOver Canada film whisks you away on a thrilling journey across Canada, from east to west. FlyOver Canada’s film crew spent more than a year travelling from coast to coast to capture some of Canada’s most striking locations. Get to know the history and people of Canada during a preflight show. By the journey’s end, you will find yourself in awe of breathtaking splendour of this country.

Since opening in June 2013, FlyOver Canada has brought smiles to over a million riders, both young and old from over 40 different nations and every corner of Canada. This FlyOver Canada experience is a perfect activity for families and first time visitors to Canada.

Add a FlyOver Canada admission ticket to your Vancouver Delights Tour, and we can drop you off in front of the FlyOver Canada theatre once your tour is finished. Purchase a FlyOver Canada ticket directly from your guide on the day of your tour, or speak with our Guest Services Team at 604.255.7272 or toll-free at 1.877.669.2277