MAY 1 - OCT 7


approx., fully narrated


MAY 3 - OCT 7

6.5 HRS

approx., fully narrated

Adult $160 | Child $95

9am not including Capilano Fish Hatchery.
Prices effective: Today - Oct 7, 2019
Admissions & Tax Included in Canadian Dollars.

Adult $170 | Child $100

11am including Capilano Fish Hatchery.
Prices effective: Today - Oct 7, 2019
Admissions & Tax Included in Canadian Dollars.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain Tour takes you to the amazing temperate rainforest of Vancouver’s North Shore. This is your best option for a light adventure, half-day excursion into the stunning nature that surrounds the city. Stops include Capilano Fish Hatchery, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain.

CLIFFWALK is the newest attraction at Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge, this heart-stopping cliff-side journey takes guests through rainforest vegetation on a series of unobtrusive cantilevered and suspended walkways jutting out from the granite cliff face above Capilano River to previously unexplored areas of the park. Not for the faint of heart, it is high and narrow and, in some sections, glass (very strong glass) is all that separates guests from the canyon far below. If you are looking for some thrilling Vancouver activities, check out CLIFFWALK at Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Suggested Clothing: Comfortable clothing for the day including a warm shirt or outer layer. Walking shoes recommended. During winter months we suggest layers including a warm under-layer and a rain or snow jacket. Don’t forget your mittens!

Tour Itinerary

Cross Lions Gate Bridge - to the North Shore.
Capilano Reservoir - source of Vancouver's drinking water.
Grouse Mountain Resort - (admission included) One Destination, Endless Experiences. Rise to a viewpoint 1200 metres (3,700 feet) above the city for seasonal specials: lumberjack show, grizzly bears at the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, theatre presentations, sleigh rides, ice skating, and a great view.
Capilano Suspension Bridge - (admission included). Cross the world's longest suspension foot bridge. Experience the "Treetops Adventure" forest canopy walkway or venture across CLIFFWALK. Visit the Trading Post, one of the best gift shops in Vancouver and see First Nations totem poles.
Capilano Salmon Hatchery - 11am Tour Only - (admission included) Learn about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon.

North Shore Tour Details

  • You begin with a slow drive over The Lion’s Gate Bridge spanning the entrance to Vancouver’s port. The longest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed it offers unparalleled views of the harbour and English Bay beyond. Once across to the North Shore, it is a short drive up the mountain to your first stop at the Capilano Fish Hatchery (11am Tour Only). Wonder at nature’s incredible ability to sustain itself as you are shown how salmon are helped through man’s intrusion on their habitat. Learn about their life cycle and watch them (in season – July and August) as they leap their way up river and through the glassed-in fish ladder.
  • The Capilano Suspension Bridge – Vancouver’s very first tourist experience. Walk among the towering trees of this temperate rain forest and learn the ways of the local first nations’ peoples. Then walk across the world’s longest foot suspension bridge to the other side of the river where you can climb to the canopy and stroll through the “Treetops Adventure” walkway high above the canyon floor and the river below.
  • The Grouse Mountain Skyride – Take the tram to a 1,200 metre (3,700 feet) viewpoint above the city and enjoy what the seasons have to offer.  Be enthralled by the, now grown, orphaned grizzly bears at the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures with only a thin wire fence and a couple of metres between you and them. Did we mention the view, after all you are on top of a mountain and on a clear day you can see Mount Baker, a volcano in the United States, and Vancouver Island 50km (30 miles) off the coast. Throughout the year Grouse Mountain offers, casual to fine, dining and cocktails atop the peak in the Chalet adjacent the tram building. This is truly a great place to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.
  • As with all of our tours: our guides are pleased to drop you at your hotel or anywhere in the Downtown or Richmond (airport) areas.